Even for the increasingly hot French Tech ecosystem, the latest series of 9-figure funding announcements felt remarkable. First, Alan raised $220 million for its healthcare super app. Then online driving education startup Ornikar closed a $120 million round. Followed by Shift Technology who announced a $220 million round for its AI that fights insurance fraud. Finally, just two days ago, Backmarket announced a mega €276m million funding.

These numbers were unthinkable as recently as 2018 when there were no 9-figure French Tech funding rounds. Even last year, there were only 9 companies that raised $100 million or more in a…

Raphaëlle d'Ornano

Managing Partner + Founder D’Ornano + Co. #HolisticTransactionServices #Technology. Board member @EssecAlumni. @FrenchFounders #Triathlete #HappyMum

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